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Bluesalt Corporate have teamed up with some amazing Sydney-based producers to bring you fresh, healthy and convenient catering deliveries to your home, office or special event. Read on find out what our suppliers had to say about their ethics and principles, we’re proud to work alongside our suppliers, we hope you can see, taste and feel the difference this brings to our delivery menus.

Nectar – Cold Press Juices
“Nectar Cold Pressed is made from Australian produce, the cold pressed method is a slow juicing action which extracts the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes from the produce. It is a ‘living’ juice as there is no heat in our process which is what kills the goodness from the produce. Once we have cold pressed our juices, we then use state of the art technology which is High-Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP pressurises each bottle of juice so that no bacteria can form so our juice is safe to drink. The HPP process also locks in the living nutrients and enzymes so you are getting the maximum benefit for your body when you drink our juice. Most juices available have been ‘flash pasteurised’, this means the juice is heated to 7 degrees for a period of 3-10 seconds and then cooled back to refrigeration temperature. This ‘heat pasteurisation’ process kills off any living goodness and taste that the juice once had. These companies then add back Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid to bring back the colour and flavour”.

Nudie – Juices
+Here at nudie, our ambition is to nudify the world. Our purpose is to provide drinks made with the best Australian ingredients and do all we can to deliver a product that is far superior to what is on offer. We have learnt to keep it simple, trust our insights and value who we are. Most importantly we aim to have some fun, and do some good”.

Brasserie Bread – Bakers
“At the heart of Brasserie Bread is a strong commitment to the craft of baking. Since the days of the small village baker, our industry has experienced significant growth and has been afforded a number of technical efficiencies. Despite this, we believe that artisan bread is the result of the choices made throughout the baking process. We focus on the quality of Australian ingredients, the skill of our bakers, and the integrity of our process to create truly delicious, artisan bread. We have built our business by using the finest ingredients possible. We seek out like-minded suppliers and partners who deliver quality and understand flavour, building long-standing relationships that ensure consistency for our customers”.

Eat Gourmet – Organic Yogurt
“We’ve always enjoyed delicious food, but nurturing our young children has heightened our awareness of the nasty ingredients out there – it often seems a Chemistry degree is required just to read the label! We wanted to create something unique: a healthy and responsible product, without sacrificing incredible taste and texture; a product packed with live ABC cultures and a healthy level of sugar and fat; free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, gluten and gelatine. With a bowl full of hard work, a good dash of family support and a sprinkling of inspiration from our coastal hometown, we think we’ve created something very special for you to enjoy… delicious gourmet yoghurt, made with love from our family to yours”. Josh & Chauntelle x

Aqua Botanical – Award Winning Australian Water
“AquaBotanical is water sourced entirely from fruit and vegetables. It is an Australian award-winning and globally patented innovation that helps fresh produce growers minimise food and water wastage. Our story is more a scientific than romantic one, but it has an exciting twist that we are very proud of.

Fruit and vegetables naturally contain water. Australian farmers grow copious amounts of fresh produce to guarantee a daily supply that feeds families all over the country. Some harvests are more generous than others and not all fruit and vegetables can be sold in the fresh produce market. Being aware of how much it takes to grow this perfectly fine food, many Australian farmers choose to bring their overabundance of produce to juice manufacturers. That is where AquaBotanical’s story starts…

When fruit and vegetables are pressed to extract their juices, they produce a large volume of water in parallel. In a drought stricken country like Australia every drop is valued, but until recently the aqueous liquid from juice was not re-useable. At AquaBotanical we had to find a way to help the world tap into this unique new water source. It didn’t go unnoticed… Our water won the 2015 Food Industry Innovation Award and was the only Australian finalist at the Global Bottled Water Awards!

AquaBotanical is made by filtering and mineralising the aqueous liquid from juice concentrate. The end result is a clear and clean tasting water free of sugars, toxins and additives. We only add some subtle carbonation to our sparkling water. AquaBotanical has body and finesse without the salty or acidic after-taste of many mineral waters. Our water complements fine food and wines without overpowering any pairing.

100% Australian owned and made, AquaBotanical is a super premium brand encased in a stylish blue glass bottle and exclusively available in Australia’s finest venues. Top chefs, wine connoisseurs and foodies all love AquaBotanical for its unique source and exquisite flavour”.

At Bluesalt Corporate, we feel passionate about providing you with catering “solutions” while doing our bit in ensuring we keep Australia GREAT!

Our catering deliveries are perfect for a number of options:

  • Office catering
  • Large/small corporate catering
  • Morning/afternoon tea catering
  • Lunch and dinner catering
  • Private catering
  • Birthday catering
  • Picnic catering
  • Film crew catering
  • Off-site catering

Our drop off catering menu includes: 

  • Breakfast catering
  • Lunch dinner catering
  • Morning/afternoon tea
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Cold finger foods
  • Fresh drinks
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads

We are launching the week of 20th March 2017, should you require a catering delivery you can begin your order here! 

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