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  • Quoted staff are charged at 4 hours onsite, minimum. Any subsequent staffing hours will be billed post event
  • Assistance/organisation of drop off catering set up and service
  • Additional service of hot food and beverage items supplied by Bluesalt Corporate
  • Please get in touch with us should you have any questions or concerns around onsite staffing, timing and costs
  • Please be as accurate as you can when ordering staff to meet the requirements of your event. We want to ensure you have the necessary amount of staff on board to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Should you have any questions about on-site staffing, please get in touch, we’re happy to help.

Additional Information

Number of people

1-40 people (x1 Service Staff), 40-80 people (x1 Service Staff), 80-120 people (x1 Service Staff), 120-150 people (x2 Service Staff), 150-180 people (x2 Service Staff), 180-200 people (x2 Service Staff), 200-250 people (x3 Service Staff), 250-300 people (x3 Service Staff), 300+ people (x4 Service Staff)


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